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2009-11-08 09:28:51 by Kogelvogel

Soooo... Just got onto Newgrounds. Been playing games here for rather a long time though, and with those new medalfeature I thought: "Hmmm, maybe I should sign up.."
But when you sign up people automatically expect ya to actually post some stuff... I'm not great at creating games, but I can doodle a pretty good doodle, I guess, so maybe I'll be doing that for a while.
Maybe it gets appreciated! :D

Time will tell :P


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2009-11-08 09:54:16

Welcome to NG, good luck on submitting your art :D


2009-11-08 10:38:08

You're just going to put shit in the portal that will get blammed and raped, don't even try.


2011-06-16 02:56:05

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